French & Fantastic Tour 2015

Our participants enjoyed two wonderful weeks full of fascinating cars, culture and enjoyable company.

We began in Paris where we saw the car showrooms of the Champs Elysee, and drove out to collections accessible from Paris, as well as enjoying many of the sights of the great city. The Automedon classic car show provided an amazing day for all in our group. We then headed west, via the Charbonneaux museum to overnight in Nancy, then beautiful Strasbourg the next night and on to Mulhouse where the amazing Schlumpf collection is housed. An overnight at Lyon followed a visit to the Henri Malartre Museum. A side detour to Italy, staying in Turin was followed by a great drive south to the Riviera. We lapped the Monaco Grand Prix circuit and visited the Royal car museum.

Some late additions were made to the tour, which included a guided tour at DS World in Paris, a trip to Dieppe which included a tour of the Alpine factory then a visit to an Alpine restoration specialist... plus a visit to the Philipe Charboneaux museum in Reims and the fabulous Museo del Automobile in Turin, Italy. We also added a trip to CAAPY, which is the museum of the Poissy factory where Ford France, Simca, Chrysler France and now Peugeot operate. So our tour was pretty full-on!

I'll let the pictures below tell some of the story - mainly the cars, not the sights...