Cite de l'Automobile - the Sclumpf collection

Few enthusiasts are unaware of the amazing Schlumpf collection which became known as the Cite de l'Automobile, situated in Mulhouse, eastern France.

The amazing tale is one of two brothers, Frtiz and Hans Schlumpf who from the 1950s, began assembling an amazing collection of rare and exotic cars - in secret.

The brothers hurriedly left everything behind in 1977, moving to Switzerland. What was discovered, was an amazing collection, the likes of which had never been seen anywhere. Among the hundreds of cars were 115 Bugattis! All beautifully displayed in several floors of a vast old warehouse. Eventually the French government took over the collection and in time several upgrades were made to make the facility more visitor friendly, including quite recent changes.

While some of the museum remains as it was found, the layout and collection has been expanded. Today it is widely recognised as one of the greatest automotive destinations in the world.

Many of our tours have included this museum, and even people who've visited before find plenty to fascinate.

The whole amazing story of the museum appears in our Roadbook.


Photos copyright AEM