What is CarOpinion?

Developed over a couple of years as lots of content was being amassed, CarOpinion is aimed to satisfy the interest of anyone curious about motoring. It has grown from the website.

CarOpinion offers honest opinions, not re-hashed press releases. We cover new cars, classic cars, events, historical information and much more. CarOpinion offers a rich and immersive place for enthusiasts and those with a passing interest to enjoy a broads spectrum of aspects of motoring.

Our Marketplace page gives owners of specialist cars somewhere to advertise - and buyers of interesting cars a great array of cars to look at. Carrying over from the Classic Rally website, this page has proven extremely popular and successful for many years.

CarOpinion's main contributor is Paul Blank, who has been a motoring writer for publications around the world for many years. Other contributors include Jon Pressnell (UK and France) and Wallace Wyss (USA).

The content will be ever-growing, so make sure you check back frequently.

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Photo copyright Paul Blank