Citroen Conservatoire

Few companies can claim to have produced such diverse cars, radical designs and world changing models as Citroen.

Citroen has built a huge collection of their prototypes, concept cars, production cars, competition cars, developmental engineering and styling items and much more. The Citroen Conservatoire is housed in a large building at one of the company's factory sites and houses several hundred cars plus a plethora of other fascinating material. The vast Citroen archives are also hosed there.

The Conservatoire is not usually open to the public, but we've made arrangements for our group to have access.

See rarities such as the pre-war 2CV prototypes which were hidden during World War 2, forgotten and rediscovered decades later; the special SM Presidentielle with its convertible 4-door body and Maserati engine plus the vast DS Presidentielle built for De Gaulle; unique (and some very weird) concept cars from the 1950s onwards, special engineering prototypes and a big array of competition cars, predominantly rally cars. There are rotary engined models, half track exploration vehicles from the 1920s and even a Citroen powered helicopter.

Photos copyright AEM