Galleria Ferrari

This is Ferrari's famous museum, just a couple of blocks from their factory in Maranello. In early 2017 the museum is having some major updates including architectural changes.

The company owns a brilliant array of road and race cars, and frequently mixes up the displays, introducing new themes and feature displays. With such a rich history in both road cars and racing cars, there's a plethora of truly great cars they can show. Over several stories different galleries offer the visitor a range of insights and experiences.

The wall of racing trophies is impressive, and one which few companies could better... A visit gives great insight to one of the most famous and revered brands in motoring.

In addition to a decent cafeteria, the Galleria has a huge array of Ferrari merchandise available (some of which is very pricey). Several shops nearby have very good ranges of Ferrari (and other) collectables - model cars t-shirts, etc.

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