Lamborghini Museum & Factory Tour


Late in 2016 Lamborghini re-opened its museum following a major revamp. Built alongside the factory at Sant'Agata near Bologna, the museum houses a mouth-watering array of exotica.

Famous classic models like the Miura, Countach and Diablo are shown as well as less well-know models such as the Islero and Jarama. The earliest 350GT through to modern concept cars, the likes of the Sesto Elemento concept car are included. The array is as impressive as you'd expect from Lamborghini.

The museum is open 10am to 7pm weekdays.

Lamborghini offers a guided tour of the factory, which is available as an option on our tour. The factory is just behind the museum. Inside the carefully preserved and updated 1960s factory, visitors can see step by step how the most exotic production car - the V12 Aventador is assembled. It uses high tech carbon fibre for its sophisticated construction, utilising techniques developed especially for this car. See the standard and custom interiors being installed and cars readied for customers. It's a very impressive tour showing production of the most spectacular of supercars.

The tour is optional and must be pre-booked through the tour organizers and paid for in advance, to ensure you're with an English speaking group. The cost is 75 euros per adult (children 50 euros, 6-14 yrs). Arrangements and timing will be provided to tour participants.

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