Mercedes-Benz Museum

Tour Director Paul Blank was lucky enough, as a guest of Mercedes-Benz to see their new museum each year from when it was a concept, through the construction phase to being completed. The award-winning building itself is extremely impressive - as well it ought to be as an attraction which sees about a million visitors every year.

Several new construction techniques were developed to allow the building to be made. The attention to detail is absolutely impressive.

Inside, the various levels show not only an amazing variety of Mercedes-Benz products, but also the history of the world while cars have existed - which means from when the first Benz turned a wheel. The company can draw on its own collection of over 800 vehicles to create fascinating displays - of road cars, commercial vehicles, concept cars and competition machines.

There are several cafes and restaurants and a huge automobilia shop, as well as a section selling "young timers", classic cars plus a vast multi-storey new car showroom.

This is a truly world class museum, worthy of a few hours that most visitors spend soaking up the exhibitions, some of which change regularly.