Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco itself has a magical quality and at Grand Prix time this is exaggerated more than ever. Since 1929 when the first race took place through the streets of the Principality, the place has come alive to the sound of the finest racing cars - as well as the buzz of excitement that the whole Grand Prix circus brings with it.

Monaco is a small place, with a total area of just under 2 square kilometres, so the Grand Prix takes over the whole of Monaco...

The Pits building, grandstands, guard rails and catch fences are all put in place over several weeks. The teams arrive in the week leading up to the race and set up in several locations, as space near the circuit is limited. For the last few years the Red Bull team has built a vast temporary facility on a pontoon in the harbour, housing corporate facilities, restaurants and a night club!

The restaurants, clubs, galleries, cafes and shops all liven up at Grand Prix time, completely embracing the great event which helped put their town on the map.

Many of the grandstands give tremendous views of the action, though there is nowhere that you can see much more than a couple of corners, such is the layout of the street circuit. Seats with a view of a giant screen are essential. Or there's Secteur Rocher, on the hillside where the palace sits on top. This is the cheapest place to watch from, but there are no grandstand seats, and you need to get in early to get a good spot.

Every second year the Monaco Historic Grand Prix is held two weeks prior to the F1 race, utilising the same facilities and alternating with the Formula E Grand Prix. Both these racing events attract a smaller crowd than the F1 races, so there is more room to move around and spectators can access the pits to see the cars close up. Several categories race over the Historic weekend and the events always include many of the world's greatest historic racing cars.

The atmosphere at F1 Grand Prix time is incredible. Some people attend because it's one of the important events to be seen at, even if they don't like cars... For many car enthusiasts, it's the ultimate Grand Prix. The streets are full of vendors with team memorabilia, there's always interesting merchandise in the Automobile Club of Monaco's shop and the whole place has a buzz unequalled at any other Grand Prix. Expect to see the world's most exotic cars on the streets - and parked outside the Casino at Monte Carlo. And the race, with its narrow, demanding circuit and few run-off areas, is rarely dull.

There's good reason why most drivers and teams nominate the Monaco Grand Prix as their favourite race year after year.

And Monaco offers plenty to see and do between races... luxury goods shopping, great cafes and restaurants, F1 merchandise, the Royal car museum (next to the stamp and money museum and zoo) and a host of other activities.

We have organized a dinner with the international Grand Prix Commentator Bob Constanduros, exclusively for our group. Bob has a wealth of knowledge and experience after more then two decades touring the globe doing the on-track commentary at every Grand Prix. This is a unique opportunity for participants in our group to benefit from his knowledge and enjoy getting the inside line on the world of Formula 1.