Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari

This recently-opened museum offers a spectacular juxtaposition of old and new. The original building where Enzo Ferrari grew up is restored, alongside a dramatic new structure built using new techniques, which offers a 5000sq m pillar-free exhibition space. The outside of this is designed to be reminiscent of an old racing car bonnet. While the facility itself is an attraction, the contents are equally impressive.

Inside the modern building, a dramatic show, using 19 projectors, tells the story of Enzo Ferrari, while the floors are full of amazing examples of his brand's products, including many unique examples. The old building also features many Ferrari cars and items of interest.

The museum is in Modena, close to our hotel. Also in town, for those who like exploring, among many exotic car-related businesses, is the Maserati factory with adjoining showroom.

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