Porsche Museum

Across town from the impressive Mercedes-Benz Museum, Porsche completed a modern new museum just a few years ago. Their collection had never really been shown properly and the new building gives a wonderful opportunity for a great mix of cars to be shown.

The company's history of sports cars is very well illustrated within the walls of the museum. Racing is central to Porsche's philosophy and history of success, so a big array of racing ( and a few rally) cars are included in the display.

Several fascinating prototypes and a few concept cars are also shown. Many of the exhibits are very famous cars.

The Zuffenhausen building is cleverly laid out with several levels and different areas to explore. Downstairs, a cafe and shop full of Porsche memorabilia overlooks the classic workshop.

Over the road is a showroom full of all the latest models offered by Porsche.

From the museum, Porsche offers the opportunity to drive a current model Porsche. Prices start from 99 euros for an hour for a 718 Boxster. Visit the website (go to Porsche Drive) for requirements and bookings, which must be done in advance.

For more details, visit www.porsche.com/museum/en

Photos copyright AEM