Interesting Cars of Perth Archive

In December 2018 Paul Blank set up a Facebook group called Interesting Cars of Perth. The idea was to cover a broad spectrum of Western Australian motoring, from current to way back in the past.

There's plenty of good material out there... Not a catalogue of 20 year old customised Holdens like lots of other local Facebook "classic car" pages, this group's aim is to record details of interesting cars.

The uptake has been excellent from the start, with some fantastic material being added. This page is set up as an easy go-to location for some of the more interesting, particularly historic material which has appeared. This is less about interesting cars spotted in the street, but more about historical information.

Thanks to all whose material has been published. Names with photos below are of who published them on the Facebook page, not necessarily the photographer.

The images are in four sections:

Interesting Cars  (below)          Old advertising            Current Photos          When they were New         

Unknown WA special - any ideas anyone? - Terry McGrath

Unknown WA special, apparently Holden-powered - Ken Devine

Unknown WA special. Last known with Graham Miller, Tambellup - Terry McGrath

Unknown WA special, apparently on a Pontiac chassis, photo 1962 - Paul Blank

De Havilland Moth Minor in a car yard, Walcott St, North Perth 1954 - Geoff Goodall collection

Holden Sports - Terry McGrath

Holden 2-door custom belonged to Neil McCrudden. It was built in Victoria, brought to WA, couldn't get it registered in WA - whereabouts unknown today. - Neil McCrudden

The Coxon Holden sports special, built by a father and son - Paul Blank

John Bertina's racing Holden - Barry Currie

Home-built sports car - Paul Blank

Byfield Jaguar - Barry Currie

Byfield Citroen, coachbuilt by Cliff Byfield on Citroen Traction Avant 1950s - Paul Blank

The boy in this car is 91 years old in 2019 - Max Bevilaqua's father built this for him in Perth. Sadly it no longer exists. - Paul Blank

1968 Westcott Terranaught, made in WA - Paul Blank

1933 Perth-built 3 wheeler, Sunday Times article - Paul Blank

1950 Perth-built 3-wheeler, Daily News - Paul Blank

Fibreglass car under construction - Terry McGrath

Chapron bodied Delahaye imported by Jim Harwood doing a parade lap prior to the 1957 Australian Grand Prix. Later owned by Wilson Tuckey - Ken Devine

1933 MG J2, with local body. Alan Tomlinson & Clem Dwyer, about to cross Australia - Robert Dethridge

This glamorous Ferrari 250GT Cabrio was in Perth briefly in the late 1960s. Seen here at the Contacio Hotel, Scarborough - Paul Blank

Terry Emmerson's grandfather's certificate, First Prize for Motor Car Driving, 1917 Perth Royal Show - Terry Emmerson

Tisco Austin Van - Paul Blank

Tisco Mini Van - James Long

1925 this Fiat was used in a hill climbing publicity exercise, Mount Street, Perth - well before the road was cut by the freeway - Paul Blank

Empire Games fleet, Perry Lakes Stadium - Neil Ferns

Holden EJs lined up at the Games Village - Chris Kennedy

Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing at Perth Motor Show, the car was visiting WA - Ken Devine

Ferrari Daytona in Bernies carpark next door to Chellingworth Motors, Ferrari dealer - Trent Chellingworth

PMG Ditch Digger, early 1970s - Peter Olsen

"My dads 1963 Aston Martin DB5 circa 1970 on his property in the Swan Valley. Bought from Taylor's Speed Shop in Adelaide in 1969 put it on the train back to WA, lived here until it was stolen in 1975!" - Richard King

Olympian Herb Elliott's welcome parade - Paul Blank

From the DNA Tower, Kings Park, 1975 - Ross Morgan

Mercedes Taxi, Perth mid 1920s - Paul Blank

Lamborghini Countach at Wanneroo Raceway - Murray Thomas

Fiat distributor Arthur Andersen with a Fiat 509 Sport, Perth early 1920s - Paul Blank

Minerva in East Perth, 1950s - Paul Blank

Commonwealth Games Opening 1962 - Chris Kennedy

American Roy Parr with his DKW Roadster at Kings Park in 1942 - Paul Blank

Roy Parr and his wife Joan on board their 1932 BSA Scout in Perth, 1943 - Paul Blank

Ferrari Boxer BB512 at Chellingworth Motors, Mounts Bay Rd, late 1970s - Trent Chellingworth

Cortina Mk2 at Meckering, 1968, following the earthquake - Ross Morgan

Maserati Bora, Wanneroo Raceway, mid 1970s - Paul Blank

Austin 7 moving to a new home, late 1970s - Simon McGrath

Vanguard drops in to Sivyer's photographic studio in Hay Street Subiaco - Paul Blank

Riley Pathfinder seen in 1995 - Tim Avarettz

Lamborghini Espada, Mt Hawthorn 1979 - Paul Blank

Ferrari 330GT owned in the 1970s by the late Bob Hadaway - Paul Blank

Swan Taxis line-up, 1938 - Paul Blank

This 1929 MG Midget belonged to racer Neil Baird, who had a body built locally by Bolton. Seen below many years later before restoration. - Robert Dethridge/Molly Baird

Ferrari 365GT 2+2, about 1968

Wakefield Castrol Motor Oil sign, Angove St, North Perth 2019 - Paul Blank

Tram No 87 on Hay Street, East Perth, 1958 - Terry McGrath

Citroen half-track being demonstrated by the Old Observatory in West Perth, 1925 - Paul Blank

1954 De Soto - Murray Thomas

Ford V8 gas producer, Monarch Laundry, 1940s - Murray Thomas

Percy Markham had Perth's first car museum - here is his veteran Renault and everyday Pontiac - Ken Devine

Bugatti of Cyril Poole, without its hardtop roof - Ken Devine

Cyril Poole's Bugatti with the roof fitted, Perth Esplanade, first Veteran Car Club run - Paul Blank

Photo and caption from The Truth, December 20 1929 - Paul Blank

The ex-Cyril Poole Bugatti today, in South Australia - Rod Quinn

Alfa 33 makes an appearance at Wanneroo Raceway - Paul Blank

Vintage cars displayed at Perth Motor Show, at the Zoo in South Perth, probably 1960 - Ken Devine

Dodge Phoenix, 1960 model belonged to Wayne Coles' grandfather - Wayne Coles

Perth CBD - Ken Devine

Riverside Drive near the the University of WA late 1930s - Ken Devine

About 1950 - Ken Devine

Lamborghini Countach at Sotheby's auction of Paul Terry collection, UWA - Murray Thomas

Rambler and Nash at Kings Park - Ken Devine

Simca Aronde at Performance Cars, Jim Harwood's second car business - Murray Thomas

Line of parked cars, Esplanade, Perth around 1950 - Ken Devine

Lord Mayor's Bentley - Ken Devine

Group of old Fords, about 1960 - Ken Devine

A pair of Messerschmitt KR201 Roadsters in the late 1960s, photo courtesy Rob Lefroy - Paul Blank

Traffic in Nedlands near corner Hackett Drive and Stirling Highway (which has changed layout since) - Ken Devine

Hillman Californian at the Perth Motor Show, Cottesloe Civic Centre. Dealer Skipper Bailey became John Hughes' Skippers - Ken Devine

De Soto, Perth Motor Show, Cottesloe Civic Centre about 1955 - Ken Devine

Prewar SS Jaguar line-up, 1999. Largest ever gathering in Australia - Murray Thomas

Fiat 500 Topolino - Ken Devine

Hispano Suiza in 1950, when owned by Vin Smith - Ken Devine

Doug Green had some exotic racing cars and bought this Jaguar XK120 new in 1953 - used it as a tow car for racers - and rolled it once...- Paul Blank

Maserati Merak, late 1970s - Paul Blank

Iso Rivolta Fidia  in the late 1970s. Where is it now? - Paul Blank

Peugeot 305 Break spotted (a few years ago) at Perth Airport. It was left-had drive and had European (Belgian or French?) plates still visible under standard WA plates - Aaron Hillsdon

Cross-country Hispano Suiza, West Australian, 1952 - Paul Blank

Jaguar crash, West Australian 1954 - Paul Blank

WA winner of the "Tunisian Grand Prix", Sunday Times, June 20, 1943 - Paul Blank