Monaco Historic Grand Prix

Every second year, utilising all the Grand Prix infrastructure at Monaco, the Historic Grand Prix weekend is held, a fortnight before the Formula 1 event. This has the status of one of the greatest historic racing events in the world. Attracting many of the greatest racing cars from history. The Automobile Club of Monaco sifts through the thousands of applications from around the globe to select the best of the best cars to compete each year.

The cars compete in categories by age - and it's full-on racing, no trailer queen cars here!  At lunchtime most years, there's a 'parade' of Ferrari Grand Prix cars of all ages - run as fast as the cars can go...

The Historic Grand Prix weekend has a much more relaxed atmosphere and has a smaller crowd than the F1 event. This makes it a real pleasure to watch. Plus you can access the Pits area, see the cars close-up and talk to the drivers. A wonderfully evocative event at a marvellous venue.

             Photos Copyright Paul Blank